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September 2017- May 2018


8 months

Mental health is a topic that most, if not all, people understand. It has also become a topic that is more discussed in today‚Äôs society than it has 10, 15, 20 years ago. How can young adults improve their mental health without going to talk to someone?


I started this project by doing research on mental health. I looked at what kind of mental health issues are prominent through scholarly papers. A big topic that I found was body dissatisfaction, which can lead to mental issues such as depression and anorexia. I spoke to some therapists to try to get an understanding of this topic. I looked at what types of therapy options are available in general and for this issue. Through this research, I found that CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy, is a type of therapy that is used frequently where therapists and patients work on different techniques to help the patients on their roads of recovery. With this finding, I learned about the techniques used in therapy like art, meditation, and colours to see what the different methods were used for what reasons. While also looking at all this information, I created a survey to get some quantitative data from my target audience and an understanding of how to design for them.


How old are you?

What does your daily routine look like? (ie wake up, go to school, buy lunch, etc)

What does your weekly one look like? (ie Mon-Thurs same as above, Fri-Sun work all day)

Do you track your exercise or food intake?

If yes, how often do you track your exercise?

If yes, how often do you track what you eat and/or how much you eat?

Do you cook your own food? Why or why not?

Do you grocery shop?

Do you check the nutritional label when you grocery shop?

Do you check the ingredients?

Do you skip meals?

Have you ever had negative thoughts on your body image? If yes, why?

Who would you turn to when such thoughts arise?

Research results 1
Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 11.10.41 AM


From my research, I knew I wanted to look at meditation and CBT therapy as a way to combat mental health issues. I looked at different forms of meditation, like art and animal. I also looked at wearable technology that tracks different aspects 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 11.44.47 AM
IMG_7482 copy
Drawings 2 copy
Necklace rough copy 2
Drawings 1
Bracelet rough
Drawings 3
Drawing 5
Drawings 4
Lamp mockup 2.2

Iteration and User Testing


A jewellery component was added as a detachable component of the lamp to allow for meditation outside of the home since mental illnesses don't stay at home the moment the users leave their home.

Form 1 test 11
Form 3 test 1
Form 2 test 6

Through user testing, I found that the forms above were not as appealing as anticipated. A suggestion was to use a sphere. A sphere would be the most soothing form since there is no sharp corners or edges. I then had to design the shape of the necklace's pendant to fit with the sphere.

Form fail

Different forms for the pendant were tested to see which would set within the lamp the best, from triangular to conal. When I did some user testing on the best form, the gemstone was the most preferred. The gemstone has smooth facets that were irregular to allow for a tactile form of meditation, like fidget spinners.

gem ideation 10



Uplite is a lamp and necklace set that uses light therapy to create mindfulness, regardless of location. The lamp is for meditating at home while the necklace is for meditating on-the-go. The necklace is also customizable in size, shape, weight, and colour for a more personal form of therapy.

Next Steps

Assistive app: Connecting both products through an app, such as Headspace and Calm, will create for more personalization. The app will have different meditation options for the lights depending on the user's needs and/or wants. It will also track the user's moods for accurate updates and progression charts to help remind that they are doing well. Finally, the app will also have a mini guidebook of resources in case the user wants more help.

Aromatherapy: Adding aroma will create a more cohesive session. Adding a few drops of their favourite oils to the necklace lets the user carry with them for an instant soothing sensation. Adding a few drops to the lamp will allow the user to create a more holistic meditation session.

Industrial Design

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